Matt Erb, physiotherapist, owner of Embody Your Mind, faculty member and Associate Clinical Director for The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, has a passion for helping others understand the science of mind-body medicine, stress, trauma, and integrative wellness.

Matt was born and raised in Iowa and received his Bachelor’s (Biology) and Master’s (Physical Therapy) degrees from the University of Iowa. Upon graduating he spent many years learning, healing, and working in Minneapolis, where the extreme climate served an integral role in his own healing process. In 2014 he traded one extreme climate for another and made the move to his present location in Tucson, where the Sonoran Desert now serves as a mirror and teacher to his inner world.

Matt has worked extensively with persons experiencing acute and chronic health conditions using an integrative (holistic/whole-person, and mind-body integrated) model of care. He works with all forms of chronic pain, migraines, headache, craniofacial and spinal disorders, dizziness and vertigo (vestibular conditions), chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and many more. Early in his career he saw strong links between stress, emotions, and cognitive patterns and the physical symptoms and diagnoses that his patients were experiencing and saw that his training had inadvertently reinforced a pervasive split between mind and body in healthcare. Since those early years, Matt has studied tirelessly to develop novel ways of breaking down this paradigm and offering patients an experience that sees and cares for the whole person.

In addition to his work with The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, Matt is a guest lecturer for several University of Arizona/Banner University physician residency programs, and an instructor for the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. Matt also has a passion for educating physiotherapists and is working to expand the role of physiotherapy in mental health care in the US. He is also an Advisor with Sharing Culture, an organization devoted to increasing awareness around historical trauma in minoritized, aboriginal, and indigenous populations. Matt believes that the upstream determinants of health (social determinants, racism, systemic factors, etc.) must be actively acknowledged and addressed, even as individual care and support is offered. He currently maintains a clinical practice as well as a teaching/consulting business and travels regularly from his home base in Tucson, Arizona to learn and teach with others in these fields.

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